Residential Services

Healthy Home Service Guide

The Healthy Home menu of service plans was developed due to a high demand from both new and long time residential clients of the Lawrence Environmental Group.

Childhood Lead Poisoning

You watch what they eat, put them to bed early and, admit it; you?ve already thought "Yale or Harvard?" But do you know what your child's blood lead level is?

Mold in the Home

Remember when the only time you worried contact mold was when you had to look at the Wonderbread Experiment at the third grade science fair? Now the headlines scream contact Toxic Black Mold that can eat whole houses in a single humid afternoon...well, we're exaggerating a little but...things have changed.

Asbestos in the Home

Finding the asbestos in a property before you make the purchase could save thousands of dollars off the asking price. And properly removing the asbestos from your existing home, with supporting documentation, can only add to it?s value.