Asbestos Compliance Management

Lawrence offers a range of service options specific to asbestos management. These include the inspection of buildings, material sampling, laboratory analysis, designing abatement projects and the third party monitoring of asbestos abatement projects.

Building Assessments:
Our building inspections, when not part of a Phase 1 assessment, are generally triggered by planned renovations to residential, commercial or industrial space. The scope of the planned renovation work is key in determining which materials must be tested for asbestos content and to what extent they might impact the planned work. Lawrence has had extensive experience in managing the abatement process within facilities where cost, scheduling and the disruption to occupants are of paramount concern. It is always our goal to work in partnership with project managers, architects and general contractors to develop abatement strategies which facilitate the required work while adhering to design parameters.

The Competitive Bid Process:
asbestos abatement costs can be as high as 20% of the construction budget. In light of this, most facilities choose competitive bidding as one method of controlling cost. The staff at Lawrence has successfully managed hundreds of bids utilizing the following standard scenario:

Develop scope of work
Create an abatement schedule
Develop a list of qualified contractors
Create project specifications, drawings and bid documents
Conduct pre-bid meeting and site visits
Analyze contractor pricing and bid anomalies to determine lowest cost

Third Party Monitoring: We offer comprehensive services such as:

Perform daily air sampling in accordance with State and local Regulations
Provide in-house laboratory analysis of air samples using Phase Contrast Microscopy within prescribed time limits
Perform pre-abatement visual inspections to determine work area isolation
Install and monitor air pressure differential gauges to determine the quantitative effectiveness of the engineering controls employed
Compile daily reports on the progress of work
Compile daily logs of abatement personnel and verify NYS and NYC Asbestos Worker Certification
Perform post-abatement visual inspections to insure an asbestos-free area is returned to the building owner
Perform aggressive post-abatement air sampling to insure an asbestos free atmosphere
Prepare a final compliance report.