General Information

Lawrence Environmental Group is a New York-based consulting firm providing environmental health and safety services to a broad spectrum of clients. From office towers to operating rooms, power plants to classrooms, Lawrence is experienced in all environmental and worker exposure issues you may encounter. With today's complicated and ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements, the increased potential for liability and litigation, mounting public concerns over global warming, and the continuous increase in health risks from a multitude of sources, diligent monitoring of environmental issues is of the utmost importance.

Lawrence Environmental Group offers a wide array of consulting, monitoring and analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focused on asbestos, mold, lead, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene. Our business is providing clients with the tools they need to assess and correct the effects of negative environmental factors on their buildings, homes, employees and tenants. Due to the serious nature of environmental issues, Lawrence understands that time is of the essence when performing tests and remediation work and is committed to providing comprehensive environmental services with responsiveness, timeliness and efficiency.